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How to film with digital camera pluvial situation
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Means of settlement:
Film the photograph in rain because of rainwater glance, far scenery is bright and video hazy, tonal shade has the picture send, often have distinctive artistic concept.

Film when pluvial situation, want to notice the following:
1, wet light change is very big, when filming accordingly, best use actinometer measures light.
2, wet films, can break a mistake sometimes, make exposure slants much, and overexposure is very adverse to behaving pluvial situation. Accordingly, use more commonly decrease to be blocked block half, when every decrease to be blocked, can increase the develop time of 20%-30% , such conducing to raise picture contrast.
3, when the scene that pat rain, if choose brunet setting, foil bright pluvial silk very easily come out.
4, rainwater won't be perpendicular fall to the ground, when becoming 45 degrees of way in order to choose pluvial silk commonly advisable. Use shutter rate cannot too tall, come in order to use 1/30 second commonly 1/60 second speed had better, at this moment shutter rate is not high, when can emphasizing rainwater descending move feeling.
5, film when pluvial situation, the attention pulls open a distance between camera lens and raindrop. Usable umbrella obscures or install camera in polybag commonly, show camera lens and position of find a view.
6, indoors, when if want to pass through a window,behaving situation of the rain outdoor, can go up in the glazing outdoor Tu Shangbao's thin oil. Such, drip is hanged easily on glass, apply colours to a drawing the atmosphere of rainwater.
7, when taking pluvial view with colour film, because the light of day of overcast and rainy is colour temperature tall, a short while of use fluorescent lamp, the photograph appears to slant apparently completely blue attune. This kind slants color but need not corrective, because blue air can warmth ablaze,catch wet cold, cool wait for a feeling.
8, when the night scene that takes wet, the inverted image of the surface on the reflex of lamplight and ground can make the picture appears very vivid. Especially, when use color films, the effect of wet night scene is more richer than general night scene.

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