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How to film with digital camera mist scene
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Means of settlement:
Fog has a lot of fine water points to form, consequently it can reflex much scattering light. The distance heals far, scattering light is more, tonal Yue Mingliang, far scenery looks more not clear, envelop the scenery below in mist so, can apparent ground from tonal on distinguish a foreground, medium shot, distant view, strengthened dimensional depth to feel. Mist can be masked desultorily setting, chalk out succinctly the main figure in the picture, enhance power.

The attention answers when filming:
1, the brightness of mist scene is very tall, answer to control light exposure correctly, lest overexposure.
2, mist scene contrast is small, when filming, had better choose slow fast or middling speed film. To make negative obtains bigger contrast, also can use reduce exposure, the measure that increases develop time will try to improve.
3, when arranging picture composition of a picture, answer to choose to have the scenery of distant view, medium shot, close shot as far as possible, in order to behave the depth feeling of scenery. Foreground, medium shot should be chosen as far as possible deep dark tonal scenery.
4, should not be commonly when smoother film, because its visibility is too low, outside eliminating closer prospect. Medium shot and distant view cannot see. At this moment, if add,use yellow filter or orange filter, but abate smoother effect. Because filter of yellow, orange can absorb light of blue, violet shortwave, enhance the light pass through ability. When be like the effect that wants to enhance mist, can add with blue filter or mist lens, size of mist lens one-tenth, 2, can achieve result of pulverization of different pH indicator. When if want,strengthening pulverization, still can add in lens of 2 one date, mist use.

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