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Of different environment film skill
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Of different environment film skillMeans of settlement:
Night scene films

1. Film night scene basically is to show night is outdoors lamplight or the scenery that fall naturally solely, when filming move back and forth on the road with lamplight, blaze, moon, neon lamp, street the main light source such as the car.
2. When filming, want to maintain night atmosphere above all, maintain the authenticity of lamplight illuminate, want to use tripod, the accessory such as shutter release, be used or for many times the form of exposure. Film when clear scenery, beard aperture is a bit smaller, shutter is put on B door or T door, go according to smooth light and shade exposure.
3. Film can use sunlight model, can use ISO50, ISO64, the film with a few higher speed such as ISO100. The film of low speed, time of exposure can grow a few, the grain of the film after be being patted will be some finer. Show the happiness of the dim light of night faultlessly.

Pluvial situation films

Wet is the weather that the person that photograph likes least of all, it is to be in no matter rain heavily or sprinkle, very few person is taking camera to arrive film outside scenery, even somebody thinks wet can film far from scene.
Everybody knows, glazed line can photograph. We can film in the late evening night scene, can film more of course by day pluvial situation, and can film the pluvial view that has trends, be wet in the evening, right also in order to film dirty night scene. The scenery of wet also has its individual emotional appeal, what is more,the rather that wet also is people need in the life some scenes. To reflect more life circumstances, abound the content of scene, pluvial situation also is we film indispensably subject matter.
Film when pluvial situation, the rain in behaving pluvial situation to want to be on the photograph, besides choosing heavy rain, the setting that still must want to have brunetter shift is made foil just go. If the setting of content of pluvial medium shot is a sky, so the shock cloud layer that the sky of wet must be white, although rain falls very greatly, also because of setting and rain it is white together and cannot show. Setting is closer, rain show more easily, setting is further, scenery occasion inevitable big, rain be clear about not easily also show. Accordingly, the scenery limits that films pluvial situation place is taken shoulds not be too big, the sky that should avoid white more holds major appearance, and the rain in affecting scenery expression.
The brightness of the scenery when raining, it is weaker commonly. Accordingly, film want to use bigger aperture and slower shutter rate commonly when pluvial situation, just make pluvial situation has enough sensitization to be the rain that there still is be born in showing scenery space with the trends in can mastering rain, should stand in higher position to film. The shutter rate that uses 1/60 second commonly films pluvial situation, the rain that be born still does not have in can showing a space, if use relatively shutter speed films the rain of pluvial situation space become shorter, use slower shutter rate to be able to win longer pluvial respect, the dynamic likelihood in scenery is met insufficient clarity.
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