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Take 12 skill secretly
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
I am not to teach you cheat, photography is a passive thing, before the camera lens of your Hei Kuikui, who is true can imperturbable? "Critical moment " not be absolutely be placed or wait come, reveal ability naturally the most moving, so sometimes not " secretly " be no good!

Pilfer also has, take more special course secretly. Mystery backside always has way, hold in the palm " the world does not have a thief " blessing, I also come a strum take 12 form secretly.

Means of settlement:
1. Concealment the first

"Want to fish, cannot walk along piscine Jing above all " , then Bulesong blocks the Lai of own silvery white black of M3 Tu Cheng, then Great Masters stick the nameplate of camera with black tape, then dirty " plumber " the assembly room of forbidding of guard of infiltrate blocking handkerchief films solely Tuoluociji, then Thoms uses the emissary camera that hides in the bottom of a trouser leg to join shutter release pats electric chair to put to death female convict...

Photography bag is scarcely can carry on the arm again, choose the camera with cabinet black clever camouflage, long sleeve dress benefit at concealing camera, root earphone line is stuck on airframe, earphone feign is worn to make listen respectfully record when the helper. If be odd,turn over digital camera, press might as well when shutter come paragraph of canorous synchronism dry cough in order to deceive the public. If common DC, more did not forget to shut shutter sound. Affirm beforehand before exposure mix flashlight shut automatically to Jiao Fuzhu lamp, die surely otherwise undoubted.

Want to learn father's younger brother of wicked king goosefoot, low-key, must low-key!

Bear the Yunnan minority child of stub. See him far I get off in hill road shadow static await its to approach, the instant that discovers me in him presses shutter. F3.5, 1/90 second.

2. Practise deception

Must unmindful, pretend and show shape of muddled dish bird to keep appreciate watch for an opportunity, dispersive the other side notices, or make a feint to somewhere and attack in another place is opposite camera beforehand toward somewhere else... anyhow lets a target 8 all one's life won't feel with your related, again wait for one's chance does it. The magical function that essentials depends on pair of eye beyond light and holiday are crazy not the acting of bump.

3. Leave sb at large in order to apprehend him afterwards

Once be discovered, let the other side intentionally make clear you to already prepared to abandon thoroughly, face about body pretends to film other thing, loosen an instant in its namely the twinkling of an eye that the movement has be about to arrival a climax, answer body helper quickly! This enrols leave sb at large in order to apprehend him afterwards to often can live color is strange sweet: Some year complete compatriots resembles work of photography gold prize, cameraman tells the model when model is patted to loosen an instant to be patted.
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