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How to film with digital camera Xue Jing
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Means of settlement:
Xue Jing's characteristic is, glance extremely strong, brightness is extremely tall, the scenery photograph of it and shadow is compared, contrast of light and shade is comparative and sharp. Progression of this one contrast is the latitude that exceeds plate far. When filming, if estimate inadequately,arrive this one characteristic. The movie lines of the picture and administrative levels are about to get loss. The picture that takes or it is Bai Xue overexposure, one dies white; Or it is shadow scenery underexposure, without movie lines. Pat Xue Jingshi so, want to mirror the characteristic that gives snow already, want to take care of the contrast problem of snow and other scenery again.

When filming, want to notice:
1, the view that pat snow is unfavorable the rambling light that uses a cloudy day or suitable light, because this kind of light goes against the simple sense of expressional snow. Use side light, backlighting or side backlighting more commonly. When use side light or backlighting, obscure part had better be added with accessorial light, usable flashlight, glance board, or the white in using surroundings reflexes content.
2, when filming, can add with filter. Outside dividing blue filter, the filter of other color can absorb light of blue, violet shortwave, thereby the brightness of abate snow ground. Add UV or yellow filter more commonly, orange, gules filter can make of the sky tonal too dark. When shooting colour film, add more with the polarization lens. Because wide can absorb polarized light of snow ground catoptric, reduce the brightness of snow ground, adjust shadow attune, and lens does not affect the polarization again the color of former scenery. Add with the polarization lens can make the Bai Yun in blue sky outstanding, still can increase colorific degree of saturation.
3, when exposure, answer to serve as the basis of exposure with main body. To reduce the contrast of snow and shadow scenery, can use increase exposure, reduce the way of develop. Increase light exposure, can take care of the movie lines density of shadow; And reduce develop time, can admire those who made density of bright grain managing an image to show again. This kind of way is right the contrast with abate on certain level Xue Jing. General light exposure can increase to be blocked 2 block, develop time is the shortest cannot short the 1/3 at normal develop time.
4, film all over the sky flies when the scene of snow, shutter speed does not want too tall, want to be under 1/60 second commonly, the snowflake that can make flutter so forms a line line, snowflake waves fall move feeling. Should choose deep dark scenery is setting, such ability can foil white snowflake come out.
5, use lever of the branch that take snow or hangs Man Bingling, tree, building to wait as foreground, can enhance expressional power of Xue Jing. Because these foreground can make the picture produces change not only, increase dimensional depth, and can enhance people to Xue Jing experience.
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