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Natural light is applied mediumly in character photography
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Natural light is applied mediumly in character photographyMeans of settlement:
In character photography, can use natural smooth lighting, also can use artificial smooth illume, still can use mixture light illume. Can have illumination character with different light, also can use different light with light model have illumination, no matter be to use which kinds of illume, dou Yinggen occupies the circumstance of the person that be photographed, in order to accord with nature, the principle that accords with the United States will choose.
Use picture of character of natural smooth illuminative, it is the most commonly used, also be light source of the most convenient a kind of lighting, because the illume of natural light is normally,cannot try by the person that film pilot, choose only so and await. Rise in morning sun for example hind, character side is east, the person that film is opposite the person that be photographed is facial film, formed openly smooth illume; The person be photographed that the person that film chooses faces the west, let the sun the rear illume from the person that be photographed, be opposite the person that film is facial film, formed backlighting illume. The illume angle when sun's rays and light are not accorded with character when filming character illuminative asks, await only, this waits to must have patience. Become for example midday sun's rays from the top of head of the person that be photographed perpendicular when be down illume, films figure photograph, constant regular meeting appears of pair of figure figure defame, so, in this moment, do not want to film instantly, answer to wait for the left and right sides 2 hours again, wait for the sun to slant on the west later, film again, can obtain good smooth modelling result. When the requirement that if go up to be not accorded with character in light,films again, also can wait to accord with the light of the requirement. Point-blank sun's rays has bright, light to pledge strong, contrast is big wait for a characteristic, this kind of light is green to expression male of prime of life, fasten attractive, but to filming for the female, the light that general and unfavorable choice pledges this kind solely. Filming when the female, if encounter intense sun's rays, after the cloud in should waiting for a sky holds off the sun, when making its show scattering smooth illume, film again.

Natural light as a day in the change of hour, its illuminative intensity and light be in produce change, these change not only the control that affecting pair of character photography light exposure, also affecting the result of consumed. For example the sun illuminance of morning and evening is low, colour temperature low, the light exposure of need is much; To color photography, the picture still can slant warm color attune. The sun illuminance midday is tall, the light exposure that needs to use is little. Dan Dingguang illume goes against the expression of figure of pair of the person that be photographed.
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