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DIY negative breaks up pat implement
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
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The ES-E28 of Ni Kangyuan factory breaks up pat implement want 600 silver dollar, as friendly as the poverty-stricken color such as my, not be to often break up pat. Haematemesis is bought is too extravagant really. Oneself start work DIY, can solve already break up those who pat is greedy, can save below 600 silver dollar again. Of course the exterior, precision, charge for the making of sth. is do not have compared, it is good that authority should lie fallow.
Means of settlement:
Raw material: Plastic pyxis, piece casing, magazine.
Be to draw a line to dig a hole of course next.
Draw out hind

Want to make grind segment draw a frame round next. Be in to let film a casing is medium slide smoothly, need general piece the partial take out of casing both sides, corresponding position also should go thin. Left above contrast is used, right falling is burnish is good.
Coil glue again canister cut is short, stay from the head 2 centimeters OK. Gesture first.
Draw out magazine top again empty, become a gasket with. On glue.
Make glue dry on 24 hours.
Piece casing became little other in part, it is to be afraid of when to using gum, be stuck together go up. Buckle other in part after going up, can use.
Notice badly: Can a piece a piece pat, after covering it to camera lens, reoccupy hand pulls film.
Laying a plan is to go up the reverse side that takes before glue
Heretoed to be able to be used formally. Precision is not tall of course, cover the pine having a place in camera lens. Patchy nevertheless also can use. Think you just saved 600 silver dollar again. The concept that I use piece implement break up pat, if did not block a plastic cloth that protects reversal film,went to illuminant again at the back. If higher to precision requirement friend wants to turn over this pat implement twist camera lens to go up directly, can seek the draw a frame round of UV of a 28 millimeter.

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