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Peaceful comes the fundamental of system of 32 laser enlarge
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Peaceful comes system of 32 laser enlargeMeans of settlement:
Laser nods scanning technology advantage: Output methodological photograph to compare with other image, traditional exposure is to pass film negative umbriferous go up in sensitive data, cannot exposure number is video, the color that has image processing and nicety hard is corrective; And hot sublimate, ink jet is to rely on dye to become, existence colour gamut is narrower, cost of bad news material is advanced defect, the digital exposure device that at present coconut oil uses common light source to add the skill such as fluorescent lattice of LCD, CRT, LED, but capability of its resolution, color rendition is not high.

Laser sensitization is become, quality is main the quality of superior beam of light after the monochromatic sex with profit from exceedingly good laser and plastics. Laser exposure can produce the picture of clear all the more, mist, high without ash resolution. Laser wavelengh bandwidth makes an appointment with hundred where rice only, have admirable monochromatic sex, thousands of times better than colour filter, produced the color rendition of tall purity. For example: Green laser is opposite basically only the exposure of feeling green loiter of printing paper, the photo color that produces accordingly accurate, sterling, degree of saturation tall, contrast is big. And common light distributings as a result of spectrum wide, green smooth meeting is on feeling blue layer exposure, as a result arises to a few yellow resemble element and bring about chromatic jackknife, affect color rendition quality.

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