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What problem can in filming, affect a number to rush imprint the effect?
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
What problem can in filming, affect a number to rush imprint the effect? Means of settlement:
The number films do not require too much skill, do not need to install film, when filmed effect can stand, see from screen, dissatisfactory can expunge at any time film afresh. But, actually a lot of sending go to put in issue of a few technologies to imprinted photograph, the proposal notes the following problem in filming later.

Digital photograph file is insufficient like element, the photograph of output will be ambiguous, slant color, and cannot remedy. When the proposal is filming, choose the oldest pattern of digital camera, do not use digital scorch function at the same time, can make rush so imprint the digital photograph clarity that give, natural.

The color of digital photograph depends on of the exposure when filming accurate, the color of accurate Bai Pingheng and digital camera is reductive ability. Because the latitude of digital camera is opposite inferior, the requirement when filming must exact exposure, ability obtains good picture. And the liquid crystal on airframe shows screen shines quite generally speaking, often be from liquid crystal indication screen sees appropriate photograph look on computer darker however, should do more so film experiment, in order to decide exposure means and exposure are compensated.

Bai Pingheng also is a very important segment, film the environment needs different Bai Pingheng pattern differently, if use a fault, meeting occurrence photograph slants blue, slant yellow, slant the circumstance such as blueness, affect picture quality badly. Rushing imprint before the photograph, professional will be right digital photograph file undertakes pretreatment, but picture of inaccurate of exposure, white balance, although pass pretreatment, also won't get satisfactory picture.

Computer screen place requires resolution lower, every inches of 72 picture with can show clear like element. And digital output asks every inches of 300 ability resembling element are strong imprint the picture that gives clarity.

Only the picture ability of JPG format passes a website to upload quite and use strong imprint, because the picture of GIF format has 256 kinds only at most, so unsuited strong imprint.

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