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The photograph is printed and distinguish to what imprint
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Is the photograph printed and rush imprint what is there to differ on quality? Means of settlement:
Equipment is different: The number is printed those who use is printer, there is HP, Aipusheng, beautiful popularly to be able to be waited a moment on market, the price is on class of 1000 yuan of amounts. The number is strong imprint those who use is major is strong imprint equipment, the magic hand of the Nuorishi that has Kodak company and Fuji company, the price is in hundred thousands of, or on the quantitative class of 1 million.

The principle is different: The number develops imprinted technical principle is laser of have the aid of makes store the digital information of image is on silver-colored salt printing paper exposure, finally again with rinsing craft developing and printing and output traditionally, quality of photograph finished product maintains constant, and the number is printed those who use is spray paint technology, photograph finished product is after a paragraph of period, colour can produce change. The photograph that prints normally is exposed for long can fade in air, not as long as the time that saves to imprinted photograph.

If you are careful,regular meeting discovers, a lot of more current the advertisement of printer with " photograph class prints the effect " publicize as advertisement sell a site, the skill that this shows of all kinds printer admittedly, function and even the quality that print all is in ceaseless promotion, but more or less is also admitting from flank the number develops imprinted picture quality at the same time still the effect that excel color prints.

Well-known, the factor that affects picture quality is very much: The quality of the limitation of the experience of the class that is like camera, handlers, environment, film and the set when filming, the user is not can not film piece gratified flexibly video work. Photography ace may not is ace of application of graphical processing software, before connecting user even if to be able to be printed in color, general undertakes be adjustmented moderately to photograph effect, also can not handle to groove certainly however; And rush with Kodak number when user choice when imprinting, the professional technology personnel here can pass the computer first relevant software undertakes correction to picture quality, be like correctional overexposure or underexposure, increase colour delicacy acutance, adjust setting density, corrective contrast -- the number develops guarantee against of imprinted top class quality to be able to make the feeling that the user has any regrets when the photograph that browse. And this kind of advantage that handles a side in later period, traditional optics is strong imprint and the number is printed is to cannot be likened to more imprint to assure to rush quality
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