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One knows use question and answer
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
One is connected ask with answerMeans of settlement:
1, ask: Debutted " is one connected " need not want the phone of other?

Answer: Either, you just do not need to announce the telephone number of other. "One is connected " what offer for the user is a fictitious number, not corresponding a phone. It is the communication tool that has the user: Mobile phone, fixed phone, small well-informed wait for entire government to rise, implementation between them turn automatically receive. Announce only external " one is connected " number, can come true a number, changeless all one's life, never be busy.

2, ask: "Is one connected " how to save a telephone bill?

Answer: "One connects " the main effect that saving telephone bill respect is:

Avoid to use a mobile phone to receive as far as possible below the circumstance that makes there is solid word He Xiaoling to connect beside the user hear a telephone call.

The setting when roaming is preferential receive with local phone listen, decrease roam reach long-distance charge.

The one party that makes call can be one-time the telephone that dials you, need not dial a lot of telephones.

3, ask: Use " one is connected " make lunar rent charge every months even, economical?

Answer: "One is connected " lunar rent charge is 15 - 20 yuan / month. Everyday, you want to be able to be passed only " one is connected " turn receive a mobile telephone to arrive on fixed phone, your lunar rent charge came out with respect to the province! As a result of " one is connected " can come to those who plan a telephone call turn according to your particular case receive, the user that usually so mobile to telephone bill controls in 500 yuan, used " one is connected " hind many phone listens through securing a phone to receive, can save the telephone bill that 40 % control.

4, ask: "Is one connected " can you turn receive extension?

Answer: Can. Wanting telephone exchange only is automatic and respondent, can turn receive extension to go up.

5, ask: Is the first number illogical turn how long should next number await?

Answer: Await 15 seconds (ringing of the four tones of classical Chinese phonetics) hind ordinal turn receive next number.

6, ask: Somebody dials me " one is connected " , can be another people still hit? Can you be busy?

Answer: If your " one is connected " below installed 3 phones, the system is OK turn at the same time receive 3 phones to arrive on the phone of your set. Dial you when a person so " one is connected " , when be being turned to receive the first phone to go up, another people still also can dial you " one is connected " number, the system can turn on the 2nd telephone call that receives you, won't appear the circumstance that be busy.
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