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The photograph uploads software FlashXP to use a tutorial
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
How does use photograph upload software FlashXP to use a tutorialMeans of settlement:
FlashXP FTP is the FXP/FTP software with a powerful function, if you use other Ftp tool,get setback, convert this good used software. FlashFXP is used simple, and have Chinese change edition.
The article introduces the function with the basiccest FlashFXP, install a site, upload a website.
1. Open FlashFXP, click " site " / " site management implement " . Shortcut key F4.
2. is in " site management implement " in the dialog box, click " build a site " , in shooting the dialog box that give, input name of a site.
3. is in groovy face plate, input the IP address of Ftp space, port, user name, password, click next " application " pushbutton, the site is good with respect to the setting. Click " join " pushbutton, join site.
After the site on 4. join, in this locality disk, find the site list that should upload, right key is clicked after pitch on, click " transmit " . Uploaded a website to come true easily so.
Same method, pitch on is long-range the file in the space or folder, nod right key, occupy attack " transmit " , can download this locality.

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