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Machine of 1201 colour enlarge does not cut Nuorishi paper is repaired
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
A Nuorishi appears in travel of accident of 1201 colour enlarge when be being cut when printing paper, do not cut, cut basically completely sometimes namely, sometimes successive a few pieces are not cut or a few pieces are not cut. Means of settlement:
Analytic overhaul: Make a principle according to mechanic of this colour enlarge, suspect breakdown detector of smooth aperture of outer cutting tool above all, but through the fluctuation wine of cleared detector the dirt of lubricious cover surface reachs bilge (attention: Cannot wipe with the organic dissolvent such as alcohol, and application takes off ester cotton autograph to touch a few clear water to wipe) , still of no help.

Classics analysis, judgement is stiletto implement gave an issue, namely aperture is hit not glossily (hairiness is pricked) , bring about the infra-red signal that carry greatly damply, cause afore-mentioned trouble thereby. The stiletto needle of here cannot use common sand paper or oilstone burnish.

Tear open next stiletto implement, unplug the power source outlet on next J92 electrical outlet, discover stiletto needle is no problem basically, however stiletto needle the pinhole brim that go up some wear away, discover to lamplight its brim is a little hoar.

Consider via relapsing, final decision uses 1000CW (eye) pinhole of burnish of fine waterproof abrasive paper the surface, specific means is: Fold sand paper 3 fold, insert handsaw steel saw blade sand paper, burnish relapses in the aperture that inserts Kong Zun together again, to lamplight observation, till hoar trace eliminates the edge entirely, wipe clean with pledget.

When be being assembled afresh, the attention does not allow stiletto absolutely needle of pinpoint smell stiletto aperture upper edge, otherwise scratch printing paper or generation paperboard. Try machine, trouble removal.

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