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The standard of certificate photograph reachs detailed size
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Means of settlement:
The standard of certificate photograph reachs detailed size

1, black and white Id: Outside casing 22x32mm, between two ear 20mm, cannot wear glasses earring;

2, chromatic Id: (too much too complex, expression fears having endless place, still be the demand that everybody sees door of the Ministry of Public Security to following addresses, www.rzzx.com.cn Shenzhen, www.gzrz.net Guangzhou) ;

3, driver's license: 22x32mm red background, between two ear 20mm;

4, Chinese passport: 33x48mm, between two ear 21~24mm, openly without hat orchid bottom or white bottom; (we this requirement is orchid bottom)

5, the United States is not immigrant visa: 50x50mm, color or smooth cover of black and white, white ground, the top of head (include a hair) to chin 25~35mm, the eye arrives bottom 28~35mm, openly without hat, the eye is not bosseyed, dew ear is beautiful;

6, American immigrant visa: Smooth cover of 35x40mm color white ground, on the right side of facial ministry 45 degrees, the look is flat inspect head portrait to be on in the middle of, the head includes a hair to be 26x30mm high about;

7, Canadian visa: Color of smooth cover of 35x45 white ground, the head grows 25~35mm;

8, British visa: (with Canada) ;

9, Australia: White bottom, dimension is the same as Chinese passport, neuter expression;

10, pass of HongKong and Macow: Orchid bottom, dimension is the same as Chinese passport;

11, pass of inland of come-and-go of dweller of HongKong and Macow (card of return to one's native place) : (40~45)~(50~55)mm, pink copy is spent in chromophotograph, cmyk value is C=6, m=65, y=0, k=0;

12, card of motor vehicle travel: 60x88mm, car left ahead films 45 degrees, car occupies photograph 2/3 above, 3mm of round horn radius.

Passport of Hong Kong special zone: Bite   looks for insane of Wei of sweat of approach of Man of Jian of  of  of ox of emperor dumpling  to conceive 45 Mm of  ?55 × , do not be less than photo of 50 × 40 Mm; to must show head obverse side, do not wear cap act the role ofing; The setting of photo does not have any adornment, do not use white, yellow, black, with in spend blue or rufous for beautiful

The 2nd acting dweller of Chinese standard of Id number photograph

1 run-of-mill requirement:
2 acting Id make card be what through number the code takes a picture or scanner scanning collects with digital photo explain head portrait of color of without hat of front of the near future that get a person, do not wear the dress that make type, the dweller that often wears glasses should adorn glasses. Requirement image is clear, administrative levels is rich, bearing nature, without apparent distortion, setting color is white.

2 image file asks:
Digital photo is Jpg file format compress image, reduce quality few and far between 70 (take a cost 0 ~ 100) , the file capacity of general photo is between 14 ~ 20K, this image grows wide norms to be: 441 elephants element (tall) X358 resembles element (wide) , resolution 350dpi, 24 true color.
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