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In 2007, Kodak commercial film stop all production, the domestic online printing market began to go beyond the traditional lines, we understand the development prospects of digital printing industry is huge. But how to get digital prints are more convenient for everyone Use of it? How should the digital printing industry profits it? Love prints ride the Internet to become the industry forward. Nearly half of the users to accept network printing In the latest survey data show that more than 4 users will accept as the way the network printing. Compared with the traditional ease of printing network printing has been a prominent maximum. Network users and owners of digital products in the age structure As there is a certain cross-cutting. According to 2003 statistics, the age distribution of Internet users, 18 to 35 age group accounted for more than 60% of Internet users ratio. The main components of the digital consumer group is also at this age Stage, they have a relatively new concept of consumption, easy to accept new things. So, since they accepted the digital product, but also must be able to accept online digital prints. At present, all over the country already have online printing of fixed user groups, particularly the proportion of developed areas, people's consumer attitudes are changing, more and more receptive to online consumption. With the network construction in China The perfect sound system, people gradually changed understanding of the network, people will gradually build consumer confidence online. According to the 2002 report of CNNIC statistics show more than half of respondents believe that most online shopping is the future Promising online business. CNNIC statistics report in 2003 also showed that there are more than half of people said their online shopping behavior is expected. So we can see that people are changing. As with telecommunications Industry Support of the love of physical network printing digital printing should also be recognition of the consumers, the majority of Internet users chose to print the "Telecommunications love print" deep background of such a large professional sites to eliminate print Fee. Distinctive network printing Online printing to provide users with a personalized photo-processing method is not only convenient, but also spawned a wealth of customization products. Traditional poster board only star to cover, through the Internet can easily print Implementation. Speed of network development in China is unprecedented, with the growing domestic logistics market, the future of network printing will reach a new height. Delivery and users with more than 4 percent certainty, with the online printing market matures, online printing services market competition has become increasingly intensified. Born in 2005 started the first online printing site in 2008 to provide network Processing activities on the site to 50, 2010, soaring to 200. Today, however, occupy the market share of online printing site are only a few more than 10. Survey showed that audience more "Telecommunications love Print ", and so has the speed fast, convenient design, a number of payment methods and more features. Photofinishing market, although now it already has more than 200 large and small sites, the survey found that many sites in the process of printing quality and user experience The satisfaction is low, the online photofinishing market potential. "Love Lab" with avant-garde concept, excellent service, progress on the Internet.
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