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Cool Soft Review of the week a new photo printing options online
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Online now was nothing new to printing photos, usually as long as the shoot good digital photos uploaded to the online printing sites, homes can be easy to get photo prints, due to cheap, easy to use, online red India welcomed by many users. However, online printing is usually the form of a site, today Xiaobian here would like to introduce a different type of online printing services, that NetEase flash India. The product form of a client, as long as the client installed, you can To start to use. Netease flash price is very cheap and India, the general 6-inch, large 6-inch uniform 0.45 yuan / Zhang, save 60% than the general store, printing paper mainly use genuine Kodak or Fuji, matching Netease exclusive color correction technology, single orders over 99 Free Shipping; printing photos over 100 free shipping, over 30 shipping costs 5 yuan. Support cash on delivery, Paypal and other online payment methods, general photo printing service town 3. Of course, the most important features provided by NetEase printed flash, free DIY hundreds of templates to choose from, are free to crop, enhance photos, provide the most personalized image creation. Optimization and also upload photos unique landscaping features, Not only can quickly upload photos, also Rapid beautify your photos automatically. Netease support flash photo book printing production of the new, new shopping cart and two functions of my work, you can order multiple products together, and saved at any time in the production of work. In addition, the optimization of photo-processing processes, to Operation more convenient and comprehensive interface to change moderators guide and more visual experience. NetEase is very simple flash and India as a whole, the basic step by step wizard is completed in accordance with its then, almost no working knowledge of more Very suitable for the application of ordinary users, the relative line should be said that online printing more straightforward.
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