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Traditional prints the sudden emergence of online printing shop awkward
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Printing industry is a fascinating industry, we have had too much glory. But with the rapid development of digital cameras, traditional cameras that gradually falling behind the weakening of traditional printing, digital photography come from behind but the finishing rate is too low, so that took a plunge printing industry, printing industry, unknowingly into a valley. Photo output is demand printing market Shaorenwenjin An incomplete statistics from the authority information, a digital camera to maintain the current domestic capacity of 50 million units, according to each camera take pictures 1000 dollars per year, will produce 50 billion photos, and if the output of which 20% of demand, will bring 10 billion digital photos export market. However, such a beautiful dream seems to be no longer appears in the digital imaging industry, and prints the number of photos down to the era of the early stages of the film, and film market sank to a more rapid, from 05 the amount of 1.2 billion market, to 07 years have slipped to 3 thousands of film. And this is only photofinishing industry photo output market exposed tip of the iceberg. Photo-processing capacity of a great disaster, development of the industry point to where The amount of photo printing experience a very harsh "big disaster" The reality is that many users do not want to print out digital photos, because we do not provide added value. What our customers through what we have to provide additional value? Digital cameras have been widely used in life, lots of pictures and eventually just become a memory card in the computer memory. Busy work, stressful life can not let us out a little bit of time to patronize processing shops, and more people believe that although the picture is washed out effect is better, but still on the computer more convenient, whether printing industry go from here? During this period, the company also launched a mobile multimedia processing business, but because the quality of the phone is different from the final print of the results are not guaranteed, making the mobile phone into a dilemma printing dilemma. At the same time, a number of adventures on the network one-stop influx of people discover the consumer telecom love to print and online printing, led by Netease Impressionist specialty, so far, "online printing" getting into the consumer's attention. Awkward traditional print shop, the sudden emergence of online printing Traditional print shop has a wealth of client resources, with visual effects shop, one can see, reliability is even higher. But it can not achieve more consumption to maintain, simply picture business. The reality is the customer's understanding of a photo store very consistent, that the only place to wash pictures, because the sharp decline in demand, so fewer and fewer people go into them. The one hand, the traditional print shop customers to face the reality of diminishing and the need bear the expensive cost of store rent and staff. At the same time, China Telecom, led by a group of love red letters the sudden emergence of online printing services, has aroused the concern of Internet users, in addition to other low-cost photo printing, a series of value-added services, such as photo books, mugs, calendars, couples T shirts and other personalized gifts can be launched, has given consumers accustomed to the traditional prints eye-opener. Combined with delivery, online editing, special services, online printing has been made into a new era of development. Choice in the hands of consumers, professional printing site acclaimed Ready to dispatch to the press, when passing near their home in a small printing shop, but found not know when this store opened five or six years has quietly turned into a tea shop, it caused almost no change in the concern of outsiders, This is another evidence should be to enhance our traditional print shop and the whole print market worries about the future. People comfort is that the development of things must have their own rules to follow, online print shop produces, so convenient, personality and other characteristics of the network itself already has a better understanding, in line with consumer demand. Recent survey Forty per cent of users to accept network printing, and the love of prints for telecommunications, Impressionism, the websites Netease comments for me. This means that the printing industry in transition from trying to enter a virtuous cycle of sexual maturity.
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