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Online printing industry, prospects for the future development of large mature
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Advances in technology to bring a new way of life to the hands of the camera when we had almost all entered the digital age, the new alternative to traditional film prints online printing industry, is also up to 15 years of exploration attempts, step by step to mature. Today, the online printing business has already exceeded 10 years ago, the market size of traditional film prints, as a new generation of consumers, you've seen the future development of the industry's great prospects out? Sprint online printing for 10 years, gradually raise consumer awareness Strangers in the eyes of many online printing, is a very stylish new term. Perhaps it is there so many people feel the need to pursue fashion, but really came to understand the user experience too, which is a new, convenient and modern way of life. The traditional print industry, customers often need to personally reach the print shop to print the photos, which not only greatly increased the strength of customers to pay, but also the larger the cost and time-consuming. Online printing can be understood as simply print photos taken by the network, which is not only a new experience without leaving home, but also print a complete subversion of the cost. Inch of our most familiar picture hat, traditional print shops often need to print a version of 15 yuan to 25 yuan in online printing store, you only need to own electronic version of an inch photo layout templates available online, can print directly to low cost. The more well known domestic "Telecommunications love print" website for example, a user login and set up only takes less than 4 minutes, "Telecommunications love print" can be in 2 days time, will print a good photo delivery to your home. The payment is not only convenient online printing, 15 yuan for a version of the traditional costs of printing where only a mere 4 dollars only. Flexible and innovative online printing, personal highlighting advantages of development Online printing convenience, I believe that many readers through the above example is quite clear. In fact the reason why more and more online printing business user's attention, but also with a wealth of personalized custom content are inseparable. The traditional print industry, customers printing photos is the only basis. Now available online printing are very convenient mode of operation, such as "telecommunications love print" FLASH editor provided, allowing users easy online editing of photo content to achieve the most satisfactory printing results. Traditional print shop can print photos in the "Telecommunications love print" This kind of online printing websites, photo albums, calendars, desk calendar, T-shirts, posters, crystal products, and so many content, users can use the photos as a basis for printing . Prominent individual in the online printing industry, particularly significant, China has more than 20 billion per year market value of printing, and is increasing year by year. In 2007, Kodak commercial film production line shutdown means a new printing era. Currently, the size of the domestic total of more than 200 online printing sites, including portals, individual stations are franchised, but also telecommunications, telecommunications provider China Unicom this site. Different printing sites, there are many different contrast, "Telecommunications love print" This communication background site, providing content and technical support, we should have an advantage. The portal site has a higher class of users print awareness, but by geographical constraints. But we have reason to believe that the future users do not have their own digital photos and then stored in the space or the hard disk, by the popularity of online printing services, you can spend less than half the money before, playing a distinctive their memory of life .
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