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Configure inn of enlarge of variety of a number
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Means of settlement:
On May 1, 2002, mr Xu investment bought equipment of enlarge of shadow dragon colour ten yuan, opened store of enlarge of variety of a number. Be less than time of a year merely, he called in total investment, achieve in place gave renown number, preparing to enlarge business dimensions. We pass the pay a return visit to him, understood his successful experience, talk about a number to rush to imprinted friend with care number here imprint the management characteristic of inn.
At the beginning of 2002 when, I what photograph as the hobby, value a number to rush imprint the market, after army retires from army preparation invests inn of digital variety enlarge. Accordingly I am opposite above all of inn of digital variety enlarge manage did an analysis. Although I know photography, but never had opened colour enlarge store. Then I spent the time of 4 many months first, visited a lot of number of local to pile up colour enlarge inn, see their overall arrangement, their service, their passenger flow is measured, they rinse the quality of the photograph. Accomplish the circumstance know fairly well to this industry. Through making an on-the-spot investigation, I also issue the determination that decided enlarge of investment number variety, what think so because of the result that make an on-the-spot investigation and me is same, digital variety enlarge is a field that has development outlook. Invest ability according to his, I am preliminary and affirmatory investment is controlled in 150 thousand yuan, and want can number of give attention to two or morethings and traditional business, equipment wants to stabilize, give a quality to be close friends. Imprint through rushing to a lot of numbers the after seek advice and making an on-the-spot investigation decision of equipment buys equipment of enlarge of variety of shadow dragon number. Be being compared because of its sexual price is the most outstanding in congener product, and its manufacturer home - the equipment of enlarge of shadow dragon colour that research and development of proper motion of limited company of sincere number science and technology produces Beijing Heng Youxin, had formed a mature and perfect product system, product quality and company reputation are spent wait for a respect wide wife getting job person the sufficient affirmation with broad client. They already gave aid to in the whole nation case include user of machine of enlarge of many 100 colour inside, more than 500 numbers are video systematic operator, accumulated the experience that makes a client successful in great quantities. Additional, those who make me glad is, they made more detailed profit plan to me, and begin network professional work for the client again now, provide the service of the website that make, thereby the client is exhibited to print and distribute to the network. This to the first time for me what do poineering work to lack capital to lack experience again already, it is an optimal choice undoubtedly.
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