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Leading defect of LDD number reel
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Means of settlement:
One, disturb stripe

Opposite at inchoate LCD number reel, LDD uses glow diode to serve as illuminant, mate of the stability that enlarge imprints, service life rises. But, of LCD itself show do not have a change like means, remain negative to break up take a skill.

The place of the craft that make of the itself of umbriferous type LCD that uses as a result of digital reel place is restricted, when showing picture, it can have a lot of to disturb signal, this interference signal appears on some gray scale, incorporate is, every other a certain number of resembling element appears or bright or dark interference stripe. This is the inevitable blemish with mutual place of all SONY that sell on market, EPSON. Projector is made in manufacturer often by user oversight, but such liquid crystal light valve undertakes enlarge imprints expose without involuntary discharge of urine.

The method that manufacturer of reel of most LDD number used software tries purify these interference stripe, but what because image of be enslaved to be enslaved to is shown,reach interference stripe like administrative levels is alterable wait for a lot of element, cannot from go up at all eliminate this one appearance. Accordingly, in output of photograph of number of a lot of LDD, search carefully can find such stripe, make a photograph extremely sordid. Although use software to undertake stripe is eliminated, also can have abate effect only, to liquid crystal of a lot of high resolution, because drive circuit frequency is exorbitant, disturb signal or but of argue, this is more troublesome, make the user is in air plane position ceaselessly, choose the picture with not clear stripe, cannot work normally continuously. Manufacturer often adjusts repeatedly in reel of sale LDD number this equipment, desiccate faze stripe becomes not clearly, but one but when the user outputs picture of certain monochromatic background, interference signal is met on appear vividly paper, cannot get a piece of clean picture. The photograph exposure means that as opposite as this is CDS from go up at all solved this one problem, CDS abandoned to produce the gray scale of interference easily thoroughly, in CDS system liquid crystal light valve is to show black, white two condition, we know to be below status of black screen, white hold appear without interference signal, because this CDS will give you a piece of clean picture.

2, the perspective problem of liquid crystal screen

Of LDD number reel show the negative that resembling a principle is pair of liquid crystal screen to break up pat, because the administrative levels of this photograph depends on the administrative levels of itself of liquid crystal screen, and the influence of liquid crystal screen as a result of the perspective, of its upwards angle of visibility and downwards angle of visibility show resemble having apparent difference, very inaccessible perfect output effect. Certain manufacturer used camera lens of smooth road of major far heart to solve the perspective problem of liquid crystal screen, but this camera lens can be installed only go up in specific colour enlarge machine, cannot be like reel installation on all sorts of colour enlarge machine, this is why a few manufacturer price 20-30 of domestic one of reasons of the reel of number of excel of machine of digital variety enlarge of 10 thousand, and because CDS system has black, Bai Bing only two condition, used pointwise again adjustable undertake smooth road is compensated, because this falls to all can solve the perspective problem of liquid crystal in any camera lens, can install imprint in an any enlarge on machine, get outputting the digital picture with good quality.
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