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Reel of general interest unripe number 10 ask 10 answer
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Reel of general interest unripe number 10 ask 10 answerMeans of settlement:
1, the operation interface of Pu Lisheng reel is similar to KIS machine, it has more complete colour to amend a function.
2, Pulisheng uses multi-line Cheng technology, can imprint completely by the side of margin spread the edge is revised.
3, 5/6 inch use vibration and 9 oscillatory effects 4 times about the same, but 9 times vibration is in 7 " above what definition and network respect want to compare vibration 4 times is a lot of better.
4, the uniformity of Pu Lisheng reel has oneself characteristic, have an advantage more than congener product, colour density consistency is very good, at the same time 1 "8 very little photograph can be amended every pieces.
5, when general benefit is born in the photograph to detect, the picture can give on NPS808 machine 1100 pieces of 3R/ are horary, it is top class in completely homebred reel.
6, buy to manufacturer must sign a contract, all products have guarantee get stuck to guarantee one year, lifelong software upgrades freely.
7, the bonding die that Pulisheng has him (SMT) furnace of product line circumfluence, presswork an everything needed is ready, the welcome comes manufacturer looks around, LCD drive board and reel control PCB is all oneself design production.
8, early days has individual fan to have sound in the product before June, this batch of machines we are already all and free overall changed.
9, Pulisheng uses vibration 9 times 27 times to explode smooth, explode every time smooth image has different, because this is right the demand of the computer is higher, but definition is absolutely tall.
10, we already had 1.47 million product, but use at integral machine product only (digital machine) .
11, the color that Pulisheng used the United States amends technology and software, the others is pure homebred, not be the product that the United States produces absolutely, we never also undertake the conduct propaganda of this respect.
12, benefit of excessive show general lays color is a better reel, but the characteristic that colour hyperbole is Pulisheng, colourful spend and much beautiful have so that go all out. To professional character arrangement of ideas looks againer, but for the user to enlarge photograph, the photograph of bright Li Xianyan just is the most important.

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