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Camera of 2500 yuan of the following vogue number guides in the round buy
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Competition of digital camera market is intense nowadays, and what this kind of competition brings about directly is price change, the value that we discover digital camera has left us already no longer distant, manufacturer of all number camera has and 2000-2500 yuan the digital camera product of class can offer consumer preference, the product of this price is to be centered in 300-500 more 10 thousand level resembling element, and have capacity of 3 times optical scorch, the operation is simple. Means of settlement:
In 1500-2000 yuan digital camera guides the author in buying has said, 2000 yuan of right-and-left prices are current most the price of the digital camera of the mainstream, and 2000-2500 yuan the digital camera between digital camera price is talent many more, by at present the case of the market looks, should have more than 40 above, the smallest also achieved like element 3 million, can saying is the absolutely brunt in the market. The person that we take everybody to see among them outstanding below...

  of Fuji FinePix E500

Respect of outer view of Fuji FinePix E500, with beautiful can A series is a little similar, but look in the author, this product more resemble Ni Kang 4200 with 5200, introduced metallic fuselage likewise, will outstanding batteries storehouse make it handle, can of Ni Kang of compose a quarrel 4200 and 5200 and beautiful can A series is exceedingly similar, and from look above the price, this product also is with beautiful can the 4200 photographs of A85 and Ni Kang contend.

Fuji FinePix E500
The reverse side of Fuji FinePix E500 offerred to exceed 2 big inches, achieve the 150 thousand TFT LCD screen that resembles element, color brightness is exceedingly pretty good, the author feels rate of exchange can A85 wants waste time on a few, also be Fuji E500 sell a site greatly. Additional, the E500 of Fuji still has rich hand to use a function, have automatic, setting to locate (effigies, scenery, motion and night scene) program AE, aperture is preferential preferential AE, hand moves AE, shutter film wait for a variety of filming mode, the introductory personage that suits to learn photography very much is used.

E500 used 1/2.5 inch common CCD sensor, always be like prime number 4.23 million; Camera lens is Fuji dragon camera lens, have property of 3.2 times optical scorch, anxious paragraph quite the 28-91mm with traditional 135mm, camera lens obtained 28mm wide part, the zephyr scene photography of old to expression scene is having very good expression power, this is E500 and E510 be in dazzlingly greatly; The biggest aperture is F2.9-F5.5; ISO value is adjustable limits is respectively: Auto, 80, 100, 200, 400; Shutter speed comes for 2 seconds 1/2000 second.

E500 uses two AA batteries to serve as power source, store card respect continued the customary practice of Fuji, used relatively costly XD card, add randomly send 16M to block a piece. This makes the airframe of E500 OK do relatively Xiaoxu is much, weight also was reduced many. Exterior dimension is 101*61*33mm, weight is 226g.
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