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3000 yuan 10 times more the following camera of smooth variable code guides buy
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Long anxious camera makes a person infatuate, but compare with the DC photograph of coequal level resembling element, a bit high still.
Want to spend money less, enjoy even grow anxious glamour, we are in look lock surely 3000 yuan of the following 10X grow anxious DC, sexual price is compared is very pretty good, can let you enjoy telescopic advantage, need not more silver. Means of settlement:
Hold accuse the strongest! Look like sheet to turn over the Fuji S5000 of camera
Recommend reason: Appearance power is fierce, hold accuse the beautiful on feeling
Price: 2500 yuan
Fuji S5000
If take no account of the element of build, the appearance of S5000 is a professional sheet simply turn over camera. Installation turns the camera lens share that receives annulus grows again greatly again, special dismountable like what turn over form a complete set with sheet camera lens. Of airframe right ministry grasp it is odd simply oppose the transplanting version of machine, camera lens and grasp between assist pair of Jiao Deng, its size and position also agree instead with sheet. Key-press of the style of viewfinder of machine coping cent, shutter, switch on the mobile phone batch annulus, the appearance of back of organic still body acceded sheet turns over " legacy " .

Of this camera oppugn into what although suffer many friends,resemble character, but its abound a hand to control a function, admirable feel, suit those amused friends very much.

Camera lens is the most arrogant! The pine issues FZ2, descendant of notable family
Recommend reason: Camera lens of 12X optical scorch, cabinet airframe
Price: 2750
The pine issues FZ2
It is to make the brand with long anxious the most successful DC now below the pine, the glamour of camera lens of 12X Lai card like that the person goes mad, FZ2 2700 yuan price, what compete in this price potential energy and it is very few. The DC-Vario-Elmarit camera lens of structures of 13 8 groups of lens is in 35mm is anxious paragraph the biggest aperture is 2.8, the work force that LEICA of it serves to show creates a field in camera lens is outstanding really. Big aperture can make decrescent of depth of field, the depth of field of long focal distance is smaller also, have the effect that plays close main body and setting distance, of two respects interactive but better prominent figure, empty changes setting.

Rate is the rapiddest! Ke Mei Z1
Recommend reason: Price lowest, fast to anxious speed
Price: 2350 yuan
Ke Mei Z1
Dogface tries had played the United States to be able to amount to Z1, pair of anxious rate of this camera are very rapid, in use process, motor " 嗞 嗞 " two motion can be finished right anxious, it is really very bright. I feel photography takes the skill with wonderful instant this kind, it is to the first requirement of equipment " fast " , grow anxious DC especially, classics is commonly used will catch pat, if your camera is unresponsive, camera lens should adjust ability to be opposite repeatedly anxious, wonderful instant escaped in camera anguish groan...
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