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How camera of number of choose and buy
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Means of settlement:
The advantage with digital the biggest camera is definition tall, volume is minor, facilitate carry, what can take perturbation form already is video, also can resemble digital camera same, film static image. Pat photography to resemble protecting existence to remember club or multimedia card to go up, the intercept software that adopts form a complete set and cable join arrive after computer, the download that has picture, make, send and print. Actually, digital camera itself also is a young editor, what it can film place is video young editor is become in the process of video reproduction transcribe of later period, be like: Use acrobatics function and picture effect undertake video reproduction, or undertake video local enlarge is waited a moment.

Consumer should the economic capacity of the function characteristic according to camera of number of of all kinds brand, practical, utility and oneself comes choose and buy. Camera of number of Suo Ni Sony has two kinds at present, one kind is Digital 6mm format, price is controlled in 10 thousand yuan. Camera of number of another kind of Digital 8mm is Suo Ni develop on the foundation of Hi8mm and Digital 8mm format, the camera of its bulk size, appearance, weight and Hi8mm format is similar, function and definition however the camera with Digital 6mm format is same, the price is low, control to 10 thousand yuan from 1000 yuan 6. JVCGR - camera of amount of DVX90 new fund not only inside buy has flashlight, facilitate film freeze framing, still can be in random multimedia is photographed on card record 20 seconds of trends to compress a shadow to resemble (MPEG file format) . SonicNV of  of the Pana below the pine - the image of camera of number of 3CCD of MX300 new fund is like element 1.8 million, resolution 1152 × 1568, already achieved at present the highest index of camera. Xia Pu SHARPVL - PD6E number camera, screen of its liquid crystal can be torn open from airframe below, facilitating inspect looks. Beautiful can CanonMV3i, MV3imc, MV300i 3 numbers camera with its appearance beautiful, feel comfortable, bulk is cabinet the object that waits for an advantage to become consumer place choose and buy.

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