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The choose and buy of camera of extensive role number and technology are analyse
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
The choose and buy of camera of extensive role number and technology are analysedMeans of settlement:
Camera of extensive role number
It is mature that present digital camera product has compared guideline of choose and buy of camera of extensive role number, no matter be function or function relatively in the past the product had very great progress, and the price is cheaper and cheaper however. A few configuration that can see on high-end number camera only originally or function also appear in stage by stage in on the product of low end, the extensive role of 28mm is such. Nowadays, big plant of main camera of a few numbers is like beautiful can, Ni Kang, Fuji already rolled out product of camera of extensive role number in succession. The extensive role of 28mm had made the newfangled trend of market of camera of the number after afterwards resembles element, big scorch. And increase as what consumer logarithm piles up video understanding, they are more rational when camera of number of choose and buy, its also show greatest attention to camera of extensive role number. Here, we talk about the pertinent question of camera of extensive role number.

What is camera of extensive role number
In the beginning of the article, because mention extensive role to must mention focal length,we talk about focal length above all. Say simply, focal length is smaller view is broader, the range of the scenery that can accommodate inside the photograph is wider also; And focus is bigger view is narrower, can film that is to say very far object. But the is not digital camera actual focal length that actually people says when the focal length that talks about digital camera, however equivalent focal length, namely opposite tradition the focal length 135 camera.
We are OK the equivalent focus of digital camera rough cent becomes 3 paragraphs, grow namely the part of the body cavity between the diaphragm and the umbilicus housing the spleen and extensive role are anxious, anxious paragraph. To the digital camera of major sell like hot cakes on the market, its are wide horn is anxious paragraph it is commonly between 35-38mm. And watch for an opportunity of real extensive role number is the product that camera lens focal length covered 28mm wide part actually. The extensive role that should compare the commonnest 35mm on digital camera, 38mm as a result of the extensive role eye shot of 28mm is broader, because this can produce very distinct vision effect, accommodate broader setting. This also is why consumer more the reason that values camera of number of 28mm extensive role.

The advantage of extensive role is in
The glamour of camera of extensive role number is boundless, its have quite large dominant position below many setting. The camera lens focal distance of camera of extensive role number is very short, the perspective is wider, and depth of field is very deep however, more comfortable in harmony photographs the photograph of bigger setting, wait for subject matter like building, scenery. Filming this kind of subject matter takes a moment, the extensive role of 28mm can make us more follow one's inclinations undertake creating, and when needing find a view, retreat backward in so that scenery can accommodate the picture in us,be being retreated again.
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