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Take you to see the holiday of true true and false of clear MP4
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
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What compatriots understands computer knowledge is little, what understand frequency format is not much also, unless be to have a fever friendly, caused the consumptive error of a lot of people so. The more Mp3 that thinks the format supports is better. What those format support also choose on the choice is much. Little imagine actually substance of a lot of forms is same. We understand Wma/wmv/asf today these 3 kinds of formats.

We know Wma pattern first.

One. What is WMA

WMA is the abbreviate of Windows Media Audio, it is the format of music of a kind of number of Microsoft thrust, MS says this kind of format has the copyright that comparative to protect ability, OK even demarcate broadcasts a machine, broadcast time to reach broadcast a frequency to wait. Everybody knows, from 90 time initial stage up to now, classics of all previous of encode of frequency having damage the gold period of a development, plan of encode of Mp3 of wide reputable reputable is in this paragraph to the development inside period expands and make the digital frequency product with computer the most welcome user namely, it achieves the acoustic quality that can accept with the data rate of 128kbps, got great majority user approbate, but the acoustic quality below high compression ratio cannot make a person contented however, mix as Internet the development of digital frequency equipment, ask the voice of higher qualitative higher compression ratio is louder and louder also, in later appeared TwinVQ(file expands the name is VQF) , the WMA of Microsoft, the United States Shangmusenduo media company (Thomson Multimedia SA) and Folanghefu association (the Mp3PRO of Fraunhofer Institute) , profess to better than Mp3 result can be achieved below the condition in rate of same low data.

WMA because the big thrust of Microsoft is wide the dominant position that reachs its oneself, more and more get of broad consumer approbate, numerous IC manufacturer also adds a group of people of same interest that bears WMA in succession, be like TI, motorola, NEC Corporation, sigmaTel have WMA Decoder IC. Alone MP3 decipher cannot have satisfied the requirement of the market far.

WMA is data of a kind of frequency compresses a format, its data is the file format memory that uses Asf. Asf is the format of a kind of file of Microsoft, full name is Advanced Systems Format, basically use in Windows Media file, asf is not a kind to compress a format, its file structure can download freely from MS website. The compression of WMA and WMV data is the file format memory that uses ASF.

2, the advantage of WMA

The Audio that Microsoft claims to be compressed with WMA is lack fidelity very small, 64kbps is adjacent can amount to CD acoustic quality. The compressibility of WMA is very tall, save the memory Memory of the half than MP3, when low Bit is led, mp3 of effect have an easy time, if be made from same sound source, the Wma result of 64K is similar the Mp3 of 128K, the Wma of 96K slightly good the Mp3 at 128K. When tall code is led, wma effect is not big. Because compressibility is tall, WMA file downloads at the network aptly. There basically are 2 to be aimed at a target when Microsoft rolls out WMA to code, one is the RM that aimed at a network to go up and RAM format, another is the MP3 in user hard disk.
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