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Passionate flaming in September, digital camera market is forecasted
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Digital camera market was forecasted in SeptemberMeans of settlement:
What  time passes is very fast, flash the time of a month went, the change of market of domestic number camera in this month is not little really, depreciate what extent exceeds 600 yuan is big have " machine " in, and many products had been released taste newly, resembled beautiful can rolling out tens of moneys at a heat before two days, before be being added paragraph the digital sheet that time releases turns over 5D, can say, the resolution that beautiful can consider to work energetically is exposed without involuntary discharge of urine, suo Ni, pine is additionally coarse brand not only can appear on the market in next month much money is tasted newly, meanwhile, right first some product line can do bigger adjustment probably, after all what type can be in depreciate, can the price that new machine appears on the market have many tall? Next, I am forecasted to everybody.

Suo Ni

  is the closest a month, suo Ni changes mediumly in the market very small really, depreciate at a heat besides V3 to 4150 yuan beyond, without what other type is fluctuant, though digital camera market was in August off-season, but each are big of the manufacturer depreciate to action it may be said followings sb's heels and come, does Suo Ni sell in calabash after all what drug to get?

  actually from at present a few prices inside the market change the circumstance can see a reason. The closest a week, nanjing market is very much the type of series of Suo Ni T and W series depreciates in succession, extent is in 50-80 yuan differ, and discover through the communication with upriver channel, these prices had been the stock price of agency actually, returned a dot to had been stuck repeatedly even go in, this year buys a fault only, did not sell a fault, is agency mad dropped? Actually otherwise, because Buddhist nun of near future all alone is probable,series does W series and pair of T to depreciate the action, predict to depreciate extent can achieve 100-200 or so yuan, if fruit is such really, agency people can pass " valence is protected " get this 100-200 yuan price allowance, this is the profit that they get, believe everybody understood here, why the market can appear the travel goods T7 of 3450 yuan of invoice, the price some of W5 even under 2750 yuan. Should for, depreciating possibility is very tall, it is problem of a time only, was September after all September still is first the middle ten days of a month, specific want those who see T5 to appear on the market will decide. There can be 150 yuan or so in the process that predicting W5 and W7 move price in this depreciate, and P200 meets those who 200 is control depreciate space.

  tastes T5 next month newly to affirm as agreed upon and to, regard T series as T5 of product of the Five Dynasties, what this type still deploys is camera lens of 3 times optical scorch, a 5 million CCD that resembles element is sensitive implement, of viewfinder of 2.5 inches Hybrid liquid crystal and 32MB inside buy memory, use and the way of open of power source of slip lid type with same T7, with T7 the biggest differring is exterior design, have red, champagne gold, silver-colored, can offer an alternative with black, and it will be in very long period of time mixes future with frivolous note the T7 that say to bear heavy responsibility jointly, the smallest part had achieved T7 airframe 9.8 millimeter, and the largest place also has 1.48 centimeters only, than already very thin Suo Ni T33 is even thin go up half, it is current in be the same as class card machine, ply is the thinnest, weight ranks the 2nd light type. T5 has had market proposal retail price at present, it is 2930 yuan, after estimation appears on the market, meeting stability is in 2870-2900 yuan between, do not have gift to give, and T7 can drop probably to be controlled to 3350 yuan subsequently, t3 and T33 are met for certain before the National Day disappear from the market, price still is controlled in 3100 yuan, won't reduce somewhat.
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