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Let S9500 more S9600 of king of perfect Fuji machine evaluates hasten
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S9600 came...
This moment last year, fuji company released a function and configuration to be in the progression of top class consumption that nobody can reach at that time piles up price of article of camera S9500(data to comment on) , howl face tiger also has good fortune at that time be in Japan for a short while try out the S9500 with this quite good report. Went one year, the follow-up of S9500 upgrades version S9600 also met with everybody, this S9600 is to be being taken allow S9500 series more the mission with perfect hasten arrives. S9600 is the photography lover that faces those to have particular demand to filming, the person that use will obtain practical scorch limits, rich film function, outstanding picture quality and faster response speed.

Like be the same as Fuji S9500, fuji S9600 also is as airframe with black mass-tone is moved, although use plastic regard airframe as material, but still be full of simple sense, can give a person completely also the sense with major. On feel, the right hand of Fuji S9600 is grasped go up the meeting is quite comfortable. Add each key-press to be in right, we also can be held almost with a hand accuse this function and key-press rife machine. As to left hand, we also need not worry -- what Fuji S9600 uses is scorch of driven type of pure manual machinery, and left hand is put on camera lens with respect to as it happens, this moment can undertake scorch already or be opposite anxious, also make left hand unapt when film do not have a place to put.
On indication link, this Fuji S9600 rises somewhat on the LCD dimension that can retroflexion, from 1.8 increased 2 inches, increasing LCD size in narrow airframe the reverse side after all also is not an easy thing. The LCD of Fuji S9600 is 2 inches, 235 thousand resemble element; And EVF is 0.44 inches, 350 thousand resemble element. From use actually on look, 2 inches LCD shows the level had than S9500 very big rise, show not only exquisite, and grain feeling also is basic see hard.

Fuji S9600 still the AA batteries with follow consistent Fuji is politic, the standard configuration of 4 5 AA batteries also is by everybody place is hep. In filming actually, we are used in now and then open the LCD, use EVF, case that does not open flashlight to fall, a group of 4 interest measure alkaline batteries to be able to be patted full the CF memory of a piece of 512MB gets stuck; And use the 2 groups of batteries, picture that takes full 1GB, also can satisfy 1 day basically filmed. During the test, beijing area temperature 25 degrees.
Intelligent glitter technology

Of Fuji S9600 " intelligence is flashy " function but automatic intelligence is changed adjust the flashy sendout of flashlight. This kind of intelligence flashs control technology can identify setting requirement, judge an optimal flashlight output, achieve right result.
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