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The guideline of choose and buy of material of printer bad news
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
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To individual user, the printer that has to be able to assume documentation, picture and photograph output function has made a kind of need and trend gradually. Before a few years, ordinary individual buys an ink jet printer of 1000 yuan of above to still be considered as an extravagant thing, and need hundreds of yuan to be able to have the housekeeping money with all ready of a function, good performance namely only now (model) colour gush.

But, after the problem that solves printer, the problem of material of the bad news that print came out again. The product of material of the bad news that print on the market is more now, plus to a few professional technologies do not understand, often meet when buy by the manufacturer a variety of " individuation " conduct propaganda is done so that lose one's head, it do not know after all to should buy what kind of product is good to do not know after all to should buy what kind of product. Actually, individual user is when material of the bad news of choose and buy that print, cost of material of quality of the printing effect that should print bad news material integratedly quite only, product, bad news, after service index of these 4 function, can search what suit oneself most very quickly to print bad news material.

The effect that print

When a lot of users are buying material of the bad news that print, put generally in a kind of such psychology: When buying, admit allowed the most expensive raw material that hold cost. In fact, to the user, most can intuitionistic those who reflect stand or fall of bad news material is to print the effect that come out, and the effect plan that the bad news material that the method with the understanding the most immediate effect that print is a different brand makes undertakes contrast: If be the text that print, besides the attention color depth is even beyond, still need to observe whether writing is clear, the line that print breaks a string, whether is stroke behaved accurate; If be the picture that print, feeling of administrative levels of article of phenomenon of paper having spread and sink in, graph should be not had on observation paper whether trenchant, appear slant color or lack fidelity phenomenon, transfer lubricious whether even nature. Print the effect map that come out through looking, calculating is not professional personage, whether does the effect that also can know ink box to print clearly very much accord with his demand.

Product quality

After the printing head of printer is being used for long, occurrence nozzle of constant regular meeting jams, print appear white line, break the phenomenon such as line, splash, use the extension of time as the head that print, more and more serious. A lot of moment, the reason that people often does not stabilize this problem end to print quality of bad news material, little imagine appears because ink is long,this problem also may be be not used and precipitation jams the head that print. Because this is when material of the choice bad news that print, the size that ink handwriting or painting drips and pure rate are very important. If use person the knowledge with choice good quality, also can prolong the service life of the head that print.
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