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The foreground of industry of shallow enlarge talking about colour
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Means of settlement:
34 years ago, play calls somebody machine of digital variety enlarge for " imprint bank note machine " , once the machine of digital variety enlarge because of hundred yuan runs, 9 years can disinvestment, even half an year namely disinvestment, win the case that takes sudden huge profits not rarely seen also. Nowadays, eyeful of inn of digital variety enlarge all is, only the machine of digital variety enlarge that Beijing imports first year after year today has many 210. Meanwhile, the price of photograph of digital variety enlarge goes low all the way however. Of digital camera gain ground, bring about pat the circumstance that does not output output, less to exist generally only; Of printer of family expenses photograph extend the change that shares photograph kind with people, also wear in nibble strong imprint quantity. It is reported, the portfolio of inn of Beijing colour enlarge since this year drop on average already 3 into. Probably you to 8 horn, 6 horn a piece colour enlarge price feels right still, but the day of inn boss is inferior to one day one day however; Scan widely looks, present colour enlarge industry, diffusing everywhere pessimism. So -- , is foreground of colour enlarge course of study so bleak really?  
Diplomacy is stranded inside, pathos diffuses colour enlarge course of study
At the beginning of 2001, beijing has opportunity of enlarge of 56 numbers variety only. The boss of inn of enlarge of a colour when remembering becoming tells a reporter proudly all over the face: "The business is good! We went up after machine of digital variety enlarge, half an year called in investment, got on again recently so. " in those days, photograph of digital variety enlarge is as high as every pieces 2 yuan, photograph of strong enlarge hank must be spent 80 multivariate. But bright-coloured colour attracted countless cameraman and scramble for sth of ordinary common people. Machine of digital variety enlarge also became people key point medium " imprint bank note machine " .
To this year the beginning of the year, beijing already had opportunity of enlarge of variety of many 210 number, and the amount still is in growth. Situation of countrywide other place is not exceptional also. Can amounting to the message that transmits from Kenikamei is, the R3 of machine of enlarge of new-style number variety that this company near future holds in Shanghai is recommended on the meeting, one day is ordered give more than 40. Additionally the message says, installation of machine of enlarge of 10 numbers variety is in some brand that haing drug group already will order recently in drugstore; An investor of Guangzhou also buys enlarge of some brand number to imprint machine open chain store more than times 10. Probably, machine of enlarge of logarithm code colour for the manufacturer, sell so that had jumped over more more, but to operator of existing colour enlarge store, this is not what good news apparently. Perhaps above which " ab extra door " meet on the inn that installs colour enlarge machine in you, "Grab " take your income. Machine of digital variety enlarge increases ceaselessly, colour enlarge photograph depreciates to become the reality that keeps out hard. Will look with respect to Beijing field, photograph of enlarge of 5 inches of colour from every pieces 2 yuan, 1.8 yuan, go to 0.8 yuan 1.2 yuan, be in 0.6 yuan all the time fall, even lowest goes to 0.3 yuan. Depreciate while enlarge imprints cost is rising however: Printing paper, liquid medicine is going up, the printing paper of Kodak every axis went up tens of yuan, and the possibility that continues to rise in price is very large. Talent competition also brings about manpower cost to increase, colour enlarge store opens more more, from where does technical personnel come? The simplest way uses high pay to be dug from other store namely. Such, the social status of technical personnel rises sharply.
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