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Choose to experience the new online photo print printing Netease flash
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Online now was nothing new to printing photos will take good digital photos and upload them directly online printing service sites (such as Snapfish, etc.) can be, homes will be able to easily get photo prints. Compared with the traditional red and Indian prices are also cheaper stores. United States of cheap, easy to use online printing is now so widely welcomed by users. Online printing are based on the current site forms, today Xiaobian me show you a brand new online printing service - Netease flash India. It is relatively new form of belonging to a desktop client, the installation is complete, use the network Easy Pass account to log in, then you can direct the software to complete the photo printing process. Of course, the most important features provided by NetEase printed flash, free DIY hundreds of templates to choose from, are free to crop, enhance photos, provide the most personalized image creation. Optimization and also upload photos unique landscaping features, Not only can quickly upload photos, also Rapid beautify your photos automatically. India currently provides two services NetEase flash: photo prints and photo book collection, the former is not to say that the ordinary photo prints (paper offers 2 options: Fuji Photo and Kodak photo paper), which by definition is to red Photos printed and bound, user-friendly collection of the magazine is divided into 12x9, 8x8 square section, 8 * 6 vertical section, 4 x4 four palm-sized models. Well, gossip and talk less, or actually to demo it for you now! Look at how to complete the photo printing process, the following example in order photo prints. Software installation is not to say, direct way to get the next step. NetEase also need a permit, I believe the most friends should have, NetEase e-mail address can also be used as a passport account. Complete the registration Recorded, we can start printing the trip. Select Photo: Netease flash boot print, just click the "high-quality photo printing," where the "Start Custom" to enter the printing journey. Next is the selection of photographs (Figure 1), you can select multiple photos to add bulk. Of course, After the add do not like the photo, you can directly click on the photo lower right corner "x" to be removed.
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